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Whenever you are traveling, MEDGULF has you in safe hands. Backed by Assist America, one of the world's largest Global Emergency providers, your Health Insurance coverage extends to all parts of the world.

MEDGULF health insurance members can benefit from the following free international services:

       •  Emergency Evacuation
       •  Repatriation of Mortal Remains
       •  Medical Consultation, Evaluation & Referral
       •  Hospital Admission Guarantee
       •  Critical Care Monitoring
       •  Prescription Assistance
       •  Emergency Message Transmission
       •  Compassionate Visit
       •  Care of Minor Children

You can call Assist America's medically-certified multilingual team 24/7 through the toll free numbers (shown at the back of your insurance card):
+1 609 275 4999 in the US.
+1 877 488 9857 in the rest of the World.
For more information, please visit Assist America's website